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malam semakin pekat

sepekat jelaga yang melekat… memadat..


Semerta cahaya merasuk.. dan hati bangun… menggeliat…


Dalam dingin hujan kutemukan hangatMu

Dalam kerik jangkrik tertutur heningMu

Dalam kelam kutemukan kemilauMu

Dalam sendiri kutemukan buaianMu


lalu cintaMu



Saat dunia mengatupkanku


Aku sungguh sungguh rindu…



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Here YOU are.. as I feel YOU

and the air is thick, enveloping, pressing, freeing…


hugging … there YOU are..accepting me as what I am…

cool and warm.. and everything that YOU are…

loving and ever so loving… my imperfection perfectly formed..


“Please take me with YOU”… I whispered amidst the soft caress of the breeze…

“I have taken the path YOU have laid out… with no remorse.. no regret…”

“I take everything from my LOVE, without leaving one single grain of fate”

“I have given my every breath for YOU and will give more… for YOU.. “


“I just want to be with YOU”…


But there YOU stay… tearing my soul apart.. for longing for YOU

And there YOU are.. so still.. yet so alive…

so far… yet so close…


as I listen to the universe chanting YOUR name…



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A Defence against the Pragmatist (Ssshhh…)

They ask:

Why do you venture into the alternatives?

Why do you seek to find answers in the abyss?

Why do you propose ideas that we will surely dismiss?

Why do you wander aimlessly around legends and myths?


I answer:

It is not mere pleasure, it is my beliefs

that knowledge might be found within the whispers of the dancing leaves

or even in the soothing calmness of the breeze

for the universe is filled with answers from God that we can feast

to quench the thirst of the unimaginable (to say the least)

As for legends and myths?

They bring wisdom uncountable to our endless mist

Listen to what they have to say, for in them, you can find disguised bliss


They ask:

Why do you knock against our door?

and spread the words of capitalism horror?

Why do you shake our peace with terror?

that the world is safe no more?


I answer:

It is not war that we look for

but the conscience of the heart at the core

How can you say peace when pain and suffering are in store?

as you exploit the earth, people and environment for your continuing folklore

How can you feel safe when your so called ‘peace’ leaves an ugly gore?

The blackhole that our children will bear as burden, and what for?

To satisfy the ambitious search for profit and further more

To find happiness in numbers on endless shore


They ask:

Why do you claim the selfishness of accounting?

when it is only tool to help our living?

Why do you argue about its use for reporting?

Why do you want to keep it changing?


I answer:

Please stop and recheck your craving

Then tell me that accounting is not for your (and only your) self filling

Though you may say that your actions are for greater cause and better living

Just see how accounting has shaped us into our present beings

Classifying, calculating, summaryzing, and reporting

are not simple innocent actions without basic understanding

that behind those majestic numbers of earning

lies a tendentious degree of investors side-taking


They claim:

You speak too much of babbling meaningless words

None of which is true!


I answer:

Ssshhhhhhhh… then I will keep all my sincere words

for (as we all know) the answers are within you…


Malang, 20 October 2012

Ari Kamayanti

(Dibacakan di the Fourth International Consortium on Accounting, November 2012)

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